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Online Courses

Explore our pre-recorded online courses, designed for flexible, self-paced learning. Discover our current offerings below and embark on your journey to knowledge and growth at your convenience.

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Join our transformative wellness course and discover the essential pillars for building a life of vitality and joy. Drawing from the wisdom of yoga, Ayurveda, and Functional Medicine, we delve into six key areas that can revolutionize your mindset, well-being, and behavior.


Embark on a journey to cultivate healthy habits starting with the cornerstone of well-being: sleep. Learn practical strategies to optimize your sleep patterns.


Explore the profound connection with your inner self as we discuss the practice of self-love and nurturing a positive relationship with yourself.


Unlock the power of movement and nutrition, understanding how to nourish and move your body effectively.


Delve into the transformative practice of meditation and mindfulness, harnessing the incredible benefits for mental clarity, emotional balance, and overall well-being.


Finally, examine the impact of relationships on your happiness and learn strategies to cultivate supportive and fulfilling connections in your life.


This course offers a meticulously researched foundation for creating a life that prioritizes health, vitality, and disease prevention. Join us and embark on a journey towards a brighter, healthier future.

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Transform your life with our exclusive wellness program, designed to guide you through a comprehensive journey towards holistic health and happiness. Unlike our "Basics of Health and Happiness" program, this immersive experience offers day-by-day instruction, empowering you to cultivate lasting habits that prioritize your mental, emotional, and physical well-being.


This program serves as a powerful reset, providing expert guidance on transforming the important and effective aspects of your lifestyle.


Let us take you by the hand as you embark on this transformation.


Experience the potential benefits firsthand, from weight loss and reduced inflammation to enhanced mental clarity and a newfound sense of balance. 

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Perfectionism & People Pleasing

A course to release these unheathy patterns...COMING SOON!

What Our Clients Say

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Shea B., Mother and Event Coordinator

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This class [BOHH] allowed me to give myself the grace I’d been craving for so long — first by taking the time each week to do something for myself, but also to reflect on multiple aspects of my life and make small, valuable changes. All of the topics we discussed are so thought provoking and intertwined. As a new mom trying to navigate life postpartum, I feel better and stronger — mentally, emotionally, and physically — after investing my time and energy in this course. Kelsey is a wealth of knowledge and inspires passion in her teaching. I look forward to continuing my learning on these subjects and bettering my life by releasing resistance little by little each day. 
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